The Treasure Hunters Reading Answers

The Treasure Hunters Reading Answers can be found in this reading post. In this reading there are 13 questions and all the questions are divided into three different types and one must go through the paragraph actively under the time limit of 20 minuities to correctly answer all the questions. Reading module can become high scoring if you do the practice on the daily basis. Below in the table you will find answers of this The Treasure Hunters Reading.

The Treasure Hunters IELTS Reading Answers

1. (Lozenge-shaped) Washers 8. Treasure
2. (Tiny) dots 9. (the) farmer
3. Subsoiling Machine10. Ritual Landscape
4. Excavating Spade 11. B
5. Potato Field 12. A
6. A tin worker13. D
7. The Ringle mere cup

This post will help you to cross-check all The Treasure Hunters Reading Answers. After checking the answers, you can find out the errors you made in the reading. If you want to improve in the reading module then you must learn the different techniques to better understand the questions and passage. It’s important to understand what types of questions you are going to do, so you accordingly read the paragraph and look for the keywords to find the exact location of the answer.

Also remember that before reading the passage you must read the questions first so you get the idea what question or keywords you are looking in the paragraph if you read the paragraph then you will waste the time because after reading the passage you will read the questions and then again read the paragraph so you will be going through passage again.

There also more tips for the reading module which you can find out on our social media channels and also you can message us on social media to ask about the problems you are facing in this The Treasure Hunters Reading Answers.

Prabh Pandher

Prabh Pandher

Hello friends, my name is Prabhjot Singh Pandher. I am the writer and founder of this blog and YouTube channel. Here I share all the information related to the IELTS reading answers. I have scored 7.5 bands in IELTS recently. Reading module is my favorite so I have a good grip on reading module

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