The Thylacine Reading Answers

This reading post contains The Thylacine Reading Answers. This reading has a total of 13 questions which are divided into two different. This reading passage is from Cambridge book 17 and this passage is for academic students. The question types are first five questions are blanks and next eight questions are true and false so from questions we can say that this reading is easy in difficulty level and you will not find much trouble in finding the answers after completing the reading you can cross The Thylacine Reading Answers here.

The Thylacine IELTS Reading Answers

1. Carnivorous8. Not Given
2. Scent9. False
3. Pouch10. Not Given
4. Fossil11. False
5. Habitat12. True
6. True13. Not Given
7. False

You can find out errors of The Thylacine Reading Answers from the above table after cross checking the answers. To improve in the reading module, one should learn from the mistake and continuously do practice overtime in order to develop skimming skills. You can turn the reading module into a high scoring if you do enough practice and hard work.

If you are struggling with the reading module you must look into band improvement techniques which help you to better understand the paragraph and the questions. You can learn about these techniques from the online resources or you can learn from your teacher.

Also keep in mind that before jumping right into the passage you must read the questions and the instructions of the questions by doing this you will be able to understand what type of questions are given and how should you approach the questions but still you find any difficulty in the reading module you can ask us through the comments section or through the social media. Our team will do their best to help with your difficulties.

Prabh Pandher

Prabh Pandher

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