Sticking Power Reading Answers

This Sticking Power Reading Answers has total of 13 questions and these questions are three different types like Match the headings, Match the statements and complete the sentence. In the first type of question type, you need to find the paragraph which contains the information and in the second one you need to choose the statements and in the final question type you should complete the sentences by finding them from the passage.

Sticking Power IELTS Reading Answers

14. D21. D
15. B22. A
16. A23. C
17. A24. E
18. C25. G
19. C26. B
20. F

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You can find all the answers to Sticking Power Reading Answers above in the tabular form. All the answers are provided by our expert team so all the answers are certified. You should cross-check all the answers and check for all the errors you could find in the reading. This reading passage is best practice for the final exam so if your score is not good enough then you should try this reading once more.

In the IELTS reading module practice is the key as you get only limited time only for every questions approx. 1 and half minuities per question and you can only manage the time by practice if you spend more time on one question then you will be leaving the easy questions. That means you should try to leave the questions which are taking up too much of your time.

If you start managing the time well and start leaving the questions then you will be able to get a good score in the reading module. If you have any confusion in the Sticking Power Reading Answers then you can ask us in the comments section or you can check out our social media for tips and tricks for reading.

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Prabh Pandher

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