Persistent Bullying IELTS Reading Answers

Persistent Bullying IELTS Reading Answer tests various skills of takers and this reading is one of the best for IELTS reading for practice can help various ways to improve and prepare you for your final IELTS reading. This post focuses on the answers of the academic reading and in this post, you will get certified reading answer of Persistent Bullying.

Now in this Reading Persistent Bullying conveys sincerity about bullying and various ways to prevent bullying from the society. This reading passage has three types of question like 1. Matching Headings 2. MCQS 3. Summary completion

Persistent Bullying IELTS Reading Answers are below.

1. IV8. A
2. VI9. Policy
3. V10. (Explicit) Guidelines
4. VII11. (School) Curriculum
5. B12. Victims
6. D13. Playful Fighting
7. D14. D

Below are the video answers of Persistent Bullying IELTS Reading Answers.

Above are the reading answers of the Persistent Bullying. Be careful while checking your answers double check all the answers as if you do not check carefully than it can affect your overall band scores one answer can make a lot big difference in the band score.

If your score is not according to your expectations than there is nothing to worry about because sometimes, we lost the concentration midway through the reading which makes us to do mistake or sometimes questions are so tricky that it is hard to get the answer without getting professional help. If you find any difficulties then please let us know in the comment section and we will do our best to provide you with the answer in the simplest form possible.

In this post Persistent Bullying IELTS Reading Answers all the answers are certified by the experts and our expert always double check all the posts before posting them.

Do share this reading score in the comment section to see who has the highest score. Please share score with honesty we know some people lie about their scores so that’s it for this post

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Prabh Pandher

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