Non Motorised Vehicles in Asia Reading Answers

Non Motorised Vehicles in Asia Reading Answers consists of 14 questions that need to be solved in the 20 minuities. This is the first part of the reading module. Candidates must go through each paragraph timely and answer the questions. If you did not score good in this reading then you should try the similar passage to improve your reading skills so you get a chance to get a high score in the reading module. The reading module is considered to be difficult but with diligent practice you can make this module high scoring. Non Motorised Vehicles in Asia Reading Answers are provided below.

Non Motorised Vehicles in Asia IELTS Reading Answers

1. iii8. E
2. ix9. G
3. i10. Low Wages
4. ii11. Surplus Labour
5. vii12. Small Business
6. A13. On Foot
7. C14. Private Automobiles

Non Motorised Vehicles in Asia Reading Answers is made for academic students and should only be done by academic students as it will be difficult task for the general students but if you have good reading skills then you can try this passage.

The first type of question is headings, to find the heading type of questions you must first read each paragraph one by one. Read the full paragraph do not answer the questions after reading the first few lines of the paragraph. Understand what the writer wants to say in the paragraph and verdict it so you can choose the correct option.

The second type is complete the notes these blanks are also easy to do you must look for the keywords which are provided in the questions in passage and you will get all location of the questions and hopefully you will get the answers.

I hope this post helps you to cross-check the answers.

Prabh Pandher

Prabh Pandher

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