Map Wars Reading Answers

This academic IELTS reading post focuses on the solutions of the reading passage number three Map Wars. This is targeted to provide certified answers which means that our expert team has solved this reading and provided the answers so it will guide you to answers without much trouble and will assist you to find all the answers. This Map Wars Reading Answers contains a total of 13 questions and you will find answers below in tabular form.

Map Wars Reading Answers.

29. AXIS36. A
31. COMPARE38. C
32. M39. A
33. M40. C
34. P

Please cross check all the answers of Map wars Reading Answers here and look for all the errors if you find more errors then you must do this reading again if you do not have time then you should add this reading in your notes so you get the reminder to do it later. This reading is a must do as it appeared in the recent exam.

To perform well in reading module, you must have an effective strategy which you can learn from your institute or you can go online and watch or read various strategies and choose which one suits you best. Try to perform that strategy on a daily basis so you can become perfect at that.

You should also look over band improvement techniques to perform better in the reading module. You should take the reading module more seriously as it can become a high scoring module. Before taking the exam, students must make the basics clear like reading the instructions properly before doing all the questions also utilizing the time properly like spend equal amount of time on each passage.

Thats all for this reading post about Map wars reading answers if you have any confusions, please connect us in the comments section.

Prabh Pandher

Prabh Pandher

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