Man and Machine Reading Answers

This passage Man and Machine Reading Answers is about the development of robots and its comparison with humans. There are total of 6 passages in this academic reading test 6 with total of 13 questions and there are two types of question types first 6 questions about choosing the correct option and next 7 questions about completing the summary. In order to give correct answers applicants, need to read the paragraph with proper focus. Man and Machine Reading Answers is the moderate in the difficulty level so you won’t find much difficulty solving it.

Answers of Man and Machine Reading test 6.

1. E8. Backpack
2. C9. Interact with
3. F10. Facial Expressions
4. D11. Cog/Cognition
5. F12. Sensors
6. B13. Intelligence
7. 17 YEARS

This academic passage Man and Machine Reading Answer contains total of 13 answers which should be answered under the 20 minuities time limit if you do not solve it in 20 minutes than you need a lot of practice to achieve the requirement of IELTS bands. If you did not score good in this test number 6 then you should work hard and try to solve multiple reading tests in a day in this way your grasp technique will improve lot.

Before attempting any reading, you must read the instructions of the questions carefully because sometimes we do not read the instructions carefully and our answer gets marked wrong even though it is correct for example in this reading in completing the summary candidates need to write answers in two words if you write the answers in three words then it will be wrong so always read the instructions carefully.

Thats all for this Man and Machine reading answers post if you have any confusions, please let us know in the comments section or you can connect us through our social media accounts.

Prabh Pandher

Prabh Pandher

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