Leisure Time in America Reading Answer

This reading post will help you find Leisure Time in America Reading Answer. This reading has a total of 13 questions and all 13 questions are divided into two different types of questions. You have only a limited time of 20 minuities to find all the answers so you must go through the reading passage thoroughly and look for the keywords of questions and find out the location of the questions so you can answer all the questions correctly. The table below this paragraph will help you to cross-check all Leisure Time in America Reading Answer.

Leisure Time in America IELTS Reading Answer.

28. X35. I
29. III36. IV
30. VI37. C
31. VIII38. A
32. II39. C
33. IX40. B
34. VII

This Leisure Time in America Reading Answer is little difficult for most students but it will help students to get better understand the heading type questions as there are 10 heading questions. You can look at the tips of these questions which are given below to understand how you can approach these types of questions.

The first type of question is headings, to find the heading type of questions you must first read each paragraph one by one. Read the full paragraph do not answer the questions after reading the first few lines of the paragraph. Understand what the writer wants to say in the paragraph and verdict it so you can choose the correct option.

The second type of question is Multiple Choice Questions, this type is one of the easiest questions in the reading you just need to find the keywords of the question in the reading passage then you need to match the information with the choices provided.

If you have any questions regarding this reading feel free to ask us through the comments section.

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Prabh Pandher

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