Language We All Speak Reading Answers

Language We All Speak Reading Answers write up about the music. This reading passage contains a total of 10 paragraphs with a total of 14 questions. To answer the questions provided in this reading applicants must attentively read each paragraph and look for the keywords of the questions in the paragraphs and try to find the location of the questions to score good in this reading passage. The reading is toughest module of the IELTS but one can achieve a high score with diligent practice. Language We All Speak Reading Answers are provided below.

Language We All Speak IELTS Reading Answers

1. III8. E
2. VII9. D
3. IV10. G
4. I11. A
5. VIII12. C
6. F13. C
7. B14. C

This Language We All Speak Reading Answers have three different types of questions and this reading is hard in the difficulty level and you will not find the answers easily you have to look for the keywords and synonyms to correctly guess the answers. It will prepare you for the final test.

The first type of question is headings, to find the heading type of questions you must first read each paragraph one by one. Read the full paragraph do not answer the questions after reading the first few lines of the paragraph. Understand what the writer wants to say in the paragraph and verdict it so you can choose the correct option.

The second type of question matches each person’s statement, when you read the passage then you should underline the name and try to understand what they want to say in the passage so you choose the correct answer.

The second type of question is Multiple Choice Questions, this type is one of the easiest questions in the reading you just need to find the keywords of the question in the reading passage then you need to match the information with the choices provided.

Prabh Pandher

Prabh Pandher

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