Ice and Fire Reading Answers

This reading post focuses on the Ice and Fire Reading Answers. In this reading there are total of 13 questions which are divided into three types and all of questions are easy in difficulty level so you can easily find the answers of the questions and goof score in this reading test so you could gain confidence for the IELTS exam. Remember confidence is the key to getting a good result in the IELTS exam and you can gain confidence only by practice. From the table below cross-check all the answers and look for the errors you made in this Ice and Fire Reading Answers.

Ice and Fire IELTS Reading Answers.

14. ii21. H
15. vii22. G
16. ix23. C
17. iv24. C
18. C or B25. A
19. C or B26. B
20. A

Need help in this Ice and Fire Reading Answers then let us know through the comments sections or connect us through the comments section so we can reach to you and provide all the possible help to you. Our expert team will help you to remove all the confusions you are having in the reading.

If you do not want to go deep into this reading then it’s completely okay but remember to do more practice in the next reading test and try not to do the same mistakes you did in this reading practice more and more to get good result in the reading final exam. Reading module can become high scoring if you do enough practice and learn the different techniques by implementing in your regular reading practice.

This Ice and Fire Reading Answers is an academic passage so it should only be done by the students who are taking their exam in the academic category. Thanks!

Prabh Pandher

Prabh Pandher

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