Hard Paste Porcelain Reading Answers

This academic reading post focuses on solutions of reading passage Hard Paste Porcelain Reading Answers. This is targeted to provide certified answers and will guide you to the answers without much trouble and will assist you to cross-check the answers so you can improve your reading skills. To score good in the reading test you must have various skills like skimming, vocabulary and time management. So, you should do as much practice you can. The Hard Paste Porcelain Reading Answers are given below in the table.

Hard Paste Porcelain IELTS Reading Answers

14. C21.Purification
15. A22. First/Initial Firing
16. B23. Glazing
17. B24. Burn
18. B25. Kiln
19. Raw Materials 26. 700
20. 0.25 cm/0.1 inch27. Solidify

This Hard Paste Porcelain Reading Answers have total of 14 questions and all the questions are divided into three different parts and you must look for the keywords of the questions to answer all the questions correctly.

The first type of question is to find out if the statement is true or not. To solve this type of question you must look for the keywords of questions in paragraph and see if the provided information matches with the passage according to match you should write the answer of the question in the answer sheet.

The second type is to label the stages the answer to this is easy to find as all the answers will be right after the first one and keywords are easy to find most of the time students answer all these questions correctly.

The third type is complete the notes these blanks are also easy to do you must look for the numbers which are provided in the questions in passage and you will get all location of the questions and hopefully you will get the answers.

Prabh Pandher

Prabh Pandher

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