Good Deal Car Rentals Reading Answers

Good Deal Car Rentals Reading Answers can be found in this post in the tabular form given below. This passage is in general category so this should be only done by the students who want to take their exam in general category. This reading module can become high scoring if you focus and do with full dedication you can easily score 7+ bands in this module. You need to also look for techniques which suit you, then you should practice it over time to become an expert in it. Good Deal Car Rentals Reading Answers have total of 40 questions.

Good Deal Car Rentals Reading Answers.

1. C8. V
2. A9. II
3. B10. VI
4. A11. III
5. C12. A
6. C13. B
7. B14. B
Passage 1

Asking for a Raise Reading Answers

15. C22. TRUE
16. B23. NOT GIVEN
17. A24. TRUE
18. A25. TRUE
19. C26. FALSE
20. A27. FALSE
Passage 2

Green Energy Reading Answers.

31. B38. D
32. C39. F
33. E40. G
34. A
Passage 3

This reading passage Good Deal Car Rentals is moderate in difficulty level so you will not find much difficulty to find the answers if you do find any difficulty then you can comment for help or any confusion you are having and our team will help you ASAP and will assist you to remove all the confusions you are having. You can also follow us on social media where you will get the tips and tricks of reading module.

Good Deal Car Rentals Reading Answers can be found in the above tables so check carefully and share your score in the comments sections.

Prabh Pandher

Prabh Pandher

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