Globalization IELTS Reading Answers

This post is targeted to provide the Globalization IELTs Reading Answers and the main moto of this post is to provide the certified answers if you come to cross-check all the answer then you came to the right place, we will also help you to remove all the confusions you are having related to the questions. In this reading there are total of 40 questions which are divided into different types of questions. You must go through the passages thoroughly in order to correctly answer the questions. Below you will find all the Globalization IELTS Reading Answers.

Globalization IELTS Reading Answers.

1. vii8. viii
2. ix9. E
3. iii10. G
4. ii11. C
5. vi12. D
6. x13. A
7. iv
Section 1
14. FALSE 21. Set of appendices
`15. TRUE22. Computer-generated music
16. NOT GIVEN23. Correspondence (with Babbage)
17. TRUE24. Conceptual Vision
18. NOT GIVEN25. C
19. NOT GIVEN26. B
20. His sponsors
Section 2
27. C34. C
28. D35. C or E
29. B36. C or E
30. F37. D
31. A38. A or C
32. E39. A or C
33. B40. D
Section 3

All the Globalization IELTS Reading Answers are given in the below table and you can cross-check all the answers and look for the errors you made in this reading so you do not repeat the errors again in the next reading. It’s important that you check all the reading so you can find weakness you are doing in the reading module and fix it in order to get good results in the final exam.

You can also check out the different techniques which will help you get better at understanding the passage and the question. I highly recommend you to learn these techniques and implement them in the reading practice so you can get better in the techniques before the final exam.

Prabh Pandher

Prabh Pandher

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