Genetically Modified Food Reading Answer

Genetically Modified Food Reading Answer has a total of 13 questions and questions are divided into 3 different types. You only get 20 minuities to answer all the questions correctly. In order to answer the questions correctly you should have an effective strategy which will help you to identify the key location of questions, after that you can cross-check all your answers so you can know how your reading skills are. You can learn the strategy from an online source if you do not have one. Genetically Modified Food Reading Answer are given below.

Genetically Modified Food IELTS Reading Answer

15. A or C22. NOT GIVEN
16. A or C23. TRUE
17. NOT GIVEN 24. C
18. FALSE25. E
19. FALSE 26. D
20. TRUE27. C
21. TRUE

This reading passage Genetically Modified Food Reading Answer is divided into different passages and questions type and the question types are choosing the advantages from the passage, Ture/False and Not Given and which paragraph contains the information.

The first type of question is moderate in difficulty. You must read the passage actively and look for the advantage keyword in the passage and find the answers. You can find these answers while doing other questions as you need to mark the advantage when you see it in the passage.

True/False types are questions that are easy to do if you have good skimming skill and have a good vocabulary. You need to pick the keywords of the questions and find it in the paragraph then you need to see if the statement matches with the paragraph, then you will write YES if statement does not match then NO if you are not able to find the statement in the paragraph then you must write NOT GIVEN.

The third type of questions are a little difficult to do as you need to read the full paragraph to identify what writer wants to say in the paragraph and need to choose the answer according to it. Do not answer the question by reading the first few lines of the passage; you must read the full paragraph so you can answer correctly.

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