Ebonics Reading Answers

This reading post helps you to get Ebonics Reading Answers and has a total of 14 questions divided into three different types. You need to find all the answers in under 20 minuities so you must go through each paragraph thoroughly so you can identify the location of the questions and provide all the answers. You must have good reading skills to get a good band score in the reading module. If you do not have them then you need to do a lot of practice to achieve your desired score. Ebonics Reading Answers are written below in a table.

Ebonics Reading IELTS Answers

27. (Trans-Atlantic) Slave Trade34. F
28. Their Captors35. D
29. (Southern) Dialect36. I
30. (African-American) Components37. A
31. H38. B (38-40 Any order)
32. C39. D
33. K40. F

Evaluate the Ebonics Reading Answers from the above table and share your score in the comments. If you got a good score in this reading then it’s well and good but if you do not get a decent score then you need a lot of practice.

You can read over the band improvement techniques to improve your reading skills. There are multiple reading strategies available online. You can learn those techniques and practice them in your daily reading practice so you can get perfect.

You can achieve a good score in the reading module with diligent practice. Practice is the key in the reading module as with practice you can understand different types of questions and what strategies you need to find the answers to the different questions.

If you have any confusions in this reading passage then you can let us know through the comments section and our team will get to you in a short period of time and will cooperate fully to remove every confusion you are having.

Prabh Pandher

Prabh Pandher

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