Destination Mars Reading Answers

This reading post will help you to get Destination Mars Reading Answers. In this reading there are total of 14 questions and all of them are divided into 3 types. You can cross-check all the answers from the table below. If you did not score good enough in this reading then i suggest you read over the IELTS band score improvement techniques before taking the exam and practice them regularly then you might get more then good score from reading module. This Destination Mars Reading Answers is an academic reading passage.

Destination Mars IELTS Reading Answers

27. False 34. Lose (their) Density
28. True35. Microbial Exchange
29. False 36. Alertness
30. Not Given37. Bacterial Infection(s)
31. Technological Innovations38. Micro Meteoroids
32. Closest approach/Launch Window(s)39. (frozen) Water
33. Human body(ies)40. Dangerous Occupations

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This reading passage Destination Mars Reading Answers is for academic students so should only be done by the students who are taking their exam in the academic category. Usually, acdemic readings are difficult from the GT student’s reading module so if GT students will try to do this reading, then it will much more difficult for them to understand the passage and questions although it will be good.

IELTS reading module can be high scoring module if you do enough practice in a day if you are facing problems in the reading module then only simple solutions to it is to do more reading practice daily as you will do more practice you will be able to understand the reading passage better also the questions. You will be able to understand the different types of questions types and how to approach each one of them.

If you have problems in this Destination Mars Reading Answers then you ask our team through the comments section or you ask us through the social media apps.

Prabh Pandher

Prabh Pandher

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