Dealing with Absence in the Workplace Reading Answers

In this post you will get certified Dealing with Absence in the Workplace Reading Answers which are provided by our expert team so you will get a hundred percent correct answers. In this passage there are total of 20 questions which are divided into 3 types also this reading is for students who are giving there test in general reading so academic students should not do this reading as it is easy in difficulty as compared to the academic reading. Below you will find Dealing with Absence in the Workplace Reading Answers in the table chart.

Dealing with Absence in the Workplace IELTS Reading Answers

21. Chair25. Dismissal
22. Allergy26. Doctor
23. Dependents27. Stress
24. Flexible

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28. IX35. I
29. IV36. VIII
30. II37. Ocean
31. III38. Valley
32. VI39. Mountains
33. X40. Wind
34. VII

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This part of Dealing with Absence in the Workplace Reading Answers is little tricky as it got lot of headings type of questions so you must go through the passage thoroughly or you will end up answering wrong if you find difficulty in headings type of questions then you must do lot of practice and with proper concentration read all the passage so you could judge the idea of writer what he wanted to say in the passage.

You can cross the headings after writing them in the answer book as it will help to reduce the options.

The above table helps you to get answers about Dealing with Absence in the Workplace Reading. You can cross-check all the answers and you can check all the errors you have made in the reading. If you have any questions then you can ask us in the comments sections.

Prabh Pandher

Prabh Pandher

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