Coronal Mass Ejections Reading Answers

This academic IELTS reading post focuses on the solutions of the Coronal Mass Ejections Reading Answers. All the answers are provided by the expert team so all the answers are certified and you can cross check all the answers here and find out the errors you made in this particular reading so you do not make the same errors in the next reading. You have almost 20 minuities for one passage to provide all the answers so you must not stick to one question to find the answer. Below table will help you to get Coronal Mass Ejections Reading Answers.

Coronal Mass Ejections Reading Answers

27. C34. C
28. C35. A
29. A36. C
30. B37. B
31. C38. A
32. B39. B
33. C40. C

Style Shifting Reading Answers

14. False21. B
15. False22. A
16. True23. C
17. True24. A
18. Not Given25. B
19. True26. A
20. A

The Humungous Fungus Reading Answers.

1. True8. Visible
2. Not Given9. Trees Dying/Dying Trees
3. True10. Root Disease
4. False11. Genetic Tests
5. True12. Underground
6. False13. Normal
7. Not Given

All the Coronal Mass Ejections Reading Answers can be found in the above table please check the answers and tell us how did you do in this reading by commenting your score in the comments sections.

If you did not get a good score then do not get worried as happens with most people when they started doing it but after one month of practice you will be able to understand the paragraph and questions better and start scoring good numbers in the reading module. You will get desired band score in the reading module.

If you have any difficulty then please let us know through the comments sections.

Prabh Pandher

Prabh Pandher

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