Capturing The Dance of Light Reading Answer

Capturing the dance of the light reading answer is academic passage which contains total of 13 questions of three different types. Firstly, there is headings questions in which you to read the passage and provide suitable heading from the option. Secondly, you have to label the answers these are easy to do as you just need to find one answer and other answers would be right after that. Thirdly, choose the correct options from ABC you need to tell if that thing exists now or not. Capturing The Dance of Light Reading Answer is moderate in difficulty level, and you will not find much trouble answering the questions.

Capturing The Dance of Light IELTS Reading Answer

1. Viii8. (lightbulb) Moulds
2. i9. A
3. ix10. B
4. iii11. A
5. vi12. C
6. Molten glass//Ribbon of glass//molten glass ribbon13. A
7. Belt of steel//Steel belt//Moving belt

Capturing The Dance of Light Reading Answer are given above in tabular form please check carefully if necessary double check all the answers as one incorrect answer can make a big impact on the final score. If you do not score good in this reading, try to add it in bookmark so you could try it in the future to get the confidence.

Practice is the key to get success in the reading module if you could do two readings in a day then you can get a good grip on this module and score really good in this module.

If you have any confusions in this Capturing the Dance of Light IELTS Reading Answer, please let us know through comments section or you can try to connect us through social media apps we would love to help you to remove all the confusion you are having. Thanks!

Prabh Pandher

Prabh Pandher

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