Ancient Egypt Reading Answer

This academic reading IELTS reading post focus on the solution of reading passage one Ancient Egypt Reading Answer. This is targeted to provide certified answers. This will guide you to the answers without much trouble. Our team solved the readings and multiple people cross checked all the answers to provide a hundred percent correct answers. Below in the tabular form you will find all the answers of this Ancient Egypt Reading Answer.

Ancient Egypt IELTS Reading Answer

1. Conditions8. False
2. Craftsmen and artist/Artist and craftsmen9. Not Given
3. A secure livelihood10. True
4. (The) Grand Gallery11. True
5. 481 Feet12. False
6. (the) Queen’s Chamber13. D
7. (the) air channel(s)

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Cross check all Ancient Egypt Reading Answer from above table and look for the errors you have done in your answers and try to solve them by getting the expert advice.

To perform well in the reading module, you must have skill of time management as you only get limited time in this module. You cannot spend more than 60 minuities for one reading almost 20 minuities for each paragraph so in given time you must understand what writer want to talk about in passage and you should also read the few questions before reading the passage so you could mark the line where writer talking about the questions.

You can also enhance various skills by doing the reading module which will help in your studies which you will do in the future. This reading passage Ancient Egypt IELTS Reading Answer have total of 13 questions which are moderate in the difficulty level so you will not find much difficulty to find the answers if you do find any difficulty then you can ask us in the comment section, we will more than happy to support you.

Prabh Pandher

Prabh Pandher

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