A Rose by Any Other Name Reading Answers

This blog post will help you to get A Rose by Any Other Name Reading Answers. In this reading there are total of 13 questions and you should answer all of the questions in given time limit usually its 1 hours for three passages reading but here you are doing only one passage so you should complete these reading answers in about 20 minuities. You should develop an effective strategy to answer the question. Below table form will help you to cross-check A Rose by Any Other Name Reading Answers.

A Rose by Any Other Name IELTS Reading Answers

1. Distinct races9. Most
2. Albas10. Blossom
3. Damasks11. In the end
4. Gallicas12. Across
5. (highly) scented petals13. Dictates
6. Recorded14. B
7. Benefit15. D
8. Area Available

This reading A Rose by Any Other Name Reading Answers is for academic students and its best if only academic students do it as it will be difficult for the GT students. You must plan your time properly as you need to answer the questions in the given time limit so its best you should not spend much time on just one question if you are not able to find the answer of a questions it’s best to leave the question and comeback later if you got the time left.

Also try to do the reading with a strategic approach as it will help you to find the answers more quickly and even on time. One thing to remember is that do not try to read the passage first instead read the questions and underline the keywords from the questions and try to find the same in the paragraph in this way you will really develop skimming skills and will be able to do all the readings on the time and started to get good score in all the readings.

Prabh Pandher

Prabh Pandher

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